ShirtWhiz® Jersey Display Hanger

The easy and affordable way to hang up your favorite jerseys or t-shirts.

ShirtWhiz Jersey Display Hanger -- Great for football, baseball, soccer and hockey jerseys- tshirts too!


Out of Your Closet & On Display For All to Admire!
Proudly display your jerseys in any room. Our customers have used it in the following places:
Family Rooms  |  Man Caves  |  Kids’ Rooms  |  Bars & Restaurants  |  Dorm Rooms  |  Offices
Works With Every Jersey or Shirt
Bends to fit any jersey size & style - youth to adult, football to basketball to hockey. 
Hangs On Any Wall — No Drilling Required
Hangs invisibly on the wall using either a simple nail or adhesive hook.
Easy to Take Jersey Down
Lifts easily off the wall so you can wear your jersey or replace with a different jersey.

How It Works


Shirt Whiz ™ consists of 1 shoulder bracket and 16 pivot joints. Use as many pivot joints as you need to customize Shirt Whiz ™ to the shape of your unique jersey- simply snap the joints together, slip your jersey on your Shirt Whiz ™ and hang it on the wall. Fully extended length of Shirt Whiz ™ is 46 inches.



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